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tommy de chirico-close your eyes ep (mannequin)

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tommy de chirico: close your eyes

A true pearl of the Italian minimal synth scene from the '80s. Tommy De Chirico founded the post-punk band Politburo in Turin during 1981 together with Maurizio Rubinetti (Sick Rose) and Massimo Aluffi (Ivan Siberia). On his own, he released the 7" Close Your Eyes/Flower Into the Factory, produced and recorded at TKS Studio by the Monuments' Mauro Tavella between 1982 and 1983 and subsequently released by Turin's Shirak Records in 1984. When Politburo split in 1986, Tommy continued to experiment with various projects and sounds, including Thugs, Quiet (with members of Monuments and Deafear), Noxeda, and Lacrimal, with whom he still plays today. Also presented here are three bonus demo tracks: a rare version of "Close Your Eyes" and two out-takes from 1983: "Vuh-Ya" and "Tuxedo Dance." The original graphic cover was realized by Bruno Zanichelli aka Pennarex, an underground artist from Turin. Strongly recommended for fans of Martin Dupont, Oppenheimer Analysis, Das Kabinette, Victrola, and Neon.

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