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trembling blue stars-correspondence 10 (elefant)

Price: $16.99


Goodbyes are always sad. And even more so when what you’re saying goodbye to is something you have been emotionally attached to for a long time. We imagine that many of TREMBLING BLUE STARS fans will feel something like what we are feeling right now, a mix of bitterness, for the arrival of the end, and also happiness, to be able to enjoy the new material from Bobby Wratten’s band. “Correspondence” will be the last EP from this British group that has so populated our catalogue for these last years, so much so that they have become emblematic of our label. The “Correspondence” EP will be released in digital format and also as a limited-edition, orange 10” vinyl. But we’re not going to lick our wounds; we’re going to cherish the joy that listening to these new songs brings us. The EP opens with a house specialty: a remix by Robert Hampson (one of Bobby Wratten’s biggest heroes, front man of bands likeLOOP and MAIN) of the songs “Half-Light” and “Outside” (an instrumental version of “Outside Looking Elsewhere”), from their recent “Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires”, into one single song called, “The Light Outside”, and which makes the band’s passion for hazy, evanescent atmospheres clear. “Between Stations” is a brief instrumental piece where the more delicate, precious side of the Brits shines through. “Sunrise on Mars” is a true delicacy, with a sweet pose over fragile programming that evokes that luminous melancholy that only they can portray. “Kidney Bingos” is a cover of WIRE, with vocal collaboration from Gerard “Caesar” McInulty (THE WAKE) and, of course, their beloved Beth. “A Field at Dusk” awakens their more acoustic and organic facet but it still throws itself into ambience, with those feminine choruses that make us think of bands like LOW or MAZZY STAR. Finally, “A Spell of Songs” is a twilight song (curious, at the very least, that those two new songs include the words “sunrise” and “dusk” in their titles), that helps us understand, once again, the enormous beauty to be found in sadness, with those final eloquent minutes of silence. Because of this, because there is nothing else left to say, we are going to just say one last thing. Thanks, Bobby, thanks for everything, and we’ll see you soon.

TRACKLIST: 01. The Light Outside (Robert Hampson Remix) 02. Between Stations 03. Sunrise On Mars 04. Kidney Bingos 05. A Field At Dusk 06. A Spell Of Songs

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