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tuff city kids-roby tease 12 (delsin)

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tuff city kids: roby tease

Running Back boss Gerd Janson and fellow German Phillip Lauer are Tuff City Kids and are the next pairing to contribute to Delsin's house-leaning series. Their only previous EP came on Ostgut sub-label Unterton and the tracks they offer up here continue in a similarly raw and analog house vein. "HFS" is a louche and laid-back affair. It's a spacious track with plenty of ambient textures as well as hollow-sounding melodies and more grating percussive stabs. "Wendy (Girlfriend 43 Piano Mix)" is underpinned by a rasping, hiccupping bass line and is built on heavy rubber kicks while a lead melody brings a sense of brightness to the otherwise murky mix. "Reeze" is a sketchy slo-jam that will work crowds into a stupor with ease.

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