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ultramarine-every man & woman is a star + peel sessions 3lp (rough trade)

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ultramarine: every man & woman is a star + peel sessions

Every Man And Woman Is A Star was the second album released by pioneering British electronic duo Ultramarine. Originally reis­sued on Rough Trade in 1992, this release includes a bonus 12” of four tracks from Peel Sessions, which are available for the first time. The album was critically acclaimed, and was described by writer Simon Reynolds as “Per­haps the first and best stab at that seeming contradiction-in-terms, pastoral techno... all sun-ripened, meandering lassitude and un­dulant dub-sway tempos... like acid-house suffused with the folky-jazzy ambience of the Canterbury scene.” Ultramarine made “electronica” before the term was coined, and this album is a truly beautiful early ambient-techno classic.

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