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umberto-welcome to the chillzone 12 (great pop supplement)

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umberto: welcome tot he chillzone

from Kansas City, "Umberto" is the killer solo project from Matt Hill, following previous releases alongside Justin Wright in Expo 70 and one of two essential new GPS releases for April, "Welcome to the Chillzone" is unleashed as a limited edition vinyl only press of 500. previously released as a 150 copy cassette-only release on Solid Melts last Summer, The GPS gives it the supersound 45 treatment on 12" wax and dresses it up in a sweet new fright night sleeve, creating a debut full UK release in the process... the 12 moves away slightly from Matt's previously lauded full lengths for Not Not Fun and Permanent; "Prophecy of The Black Widow" and "From the Grave..." both of which lent heavy on killer Giallo/Goblin-esque soundtrack work, "Chillzone" as its title would imply, is a more stripped down, eerily ambient, totally icy late night listen. two equal sides of 10'03" (providing a looped kinda feel for its initial cassette release) with side 2 ending as side 1 begins. to flip onto Side 2 as 1 ends is a must. stunningly chilling synth work recalling in equal measure John Carpenter VHS horror, Klaus Schulze and in places, Popol Vuh.

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