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richie hawtinchildsplay/robotman-no way back 12 (plus 8)

Price: $13.99


richie hawtin/childsplay/robotman: no way back

Richie Hawtin reveals From My Mind To Yours, a new series of seven 12 inches via his own label Plus 8 Recordings, for which Hawtin has revived some of his most revered aliases -- Plastikman, F.U.S.E., Robotman, Circuit Breaker, 80XX, Childsplay and R.H.X. The title of the release is a play on the now classic early Plus 8 compilations From Our Mind To Yours from 1991 and 1992. Tracks on this first installment are Hawtin's "No Way Back," "Childsplay's "Stretching" and Robotman's "Simple Simon."

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