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unknown-untitled 7 (est. 83')

Price: $7.99


unknown: untitled

A lost relic from the 80's Detroit underground. This "demo" recording is from a cassette found in a dusty box of donations left at a second hand shop. There is no info as to who, when or where this was recorded. What is it? Post Punk? Disco (Not) Disco? Sleaze Wave? or Mutant Surf? It doesn’t matter because its fucking incredible whatever you want to call it! A glimpse into what could/should have been a very important band had they gone further than this one track demo. 7” with original mix and an edit from FIT on the flip. Artwork by Stallone The Reducer. Made in collaboration with Lo and Behold Records in Hamtramck, MI. 200 copies

unknown - original version:

unknown - fit's edit:

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