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uon-untitled lp (west mineral ltd)

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uon: untitled

ltd repress. Huerco S' West Mineral label follow Pendant's sublime Make Me Know You Sweet album with uon's wholly absorbing study in Brownian motion and isolation tank ambience. It's the second release from the enigmatic project whose debut 12"s in 2017 was among the year's finest. On this extended player, uon poetically describes three different behaviors of water and its amorphous states through a gently elemental push-and-pull of forces best considered in the vein of Basic Channel, Wolfgang Voigt's Gas, or the shimmering convections of Ross 154. Beautifully elusive but crucially watermarked with a sense of originality in personalized style, "Solaris" opens with the 17-minute title cut -- a seemingly infinite journey through swells of diffracted chords and silty filters, simultaneously connoting sensations of opiated amniotic safety and oceanic infinity. Where the A side feels like floating in a lush mass, the bass-heavy articulation of his B side's "J" may well urge listeners onto the 'floor with the same, inexorable traction of classic Vainqueur records, and in a way smartly reflects uon's mutable DJ style, before the aqueous qualities of his final track "Bus" soothes to a deeper blue state of loved-up introspection which, like "Solaris", could have easily taken up a side to itself. Bliss. Master and lacquer cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy.

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