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upsetting keys-empathy 12 (path)

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upsetting keys: empathy

Upsetting Keys, a name whispered privately by elite DJ's around the world, is a modern example of the electronic, underground real deal. Almost 15 years ago, Jake Reif (L.I.E.S, Savage Hymn) started his production career working alongside Reade Truth @ his infamous Zone of FX studio; each of them expressing in a unique, uncompromising style a frustration and dissatisfaction with music scene, politics, life and everything in general. Regularly intense, 24 hour studio sessions resulted in the inimitable sound-scapes that have come to be known as "Upsetting Keys". Back in 2001, their debut EP "Empathy" was a silent masterpiece, inhibited only by sound quality and availability. Finally, these tracks get the treatment they initially deserved, with proper audio mastering carefully applied. Upsetting Keys, initially trapped in an era where dull throw-away concepts dominated early techno culture, can now freely present their unusual techniques which involved impossible sampling, maniacal rhythms and infectious melodic content, all of which lay waste to those past aesthetics. After a long hiatus, both Path Records and flagship artist, Upsetting Keys can be appreciated for what it was, and still is... ground-breaking innovative punk spiritualism, surprisingly not unsimiliar from their peers: Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire, Derrick May and so on.

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