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uton-echoes in the wonderland lp (dnt)

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uton: echoes in the wonderland

After countless releases on labels such as Housecraft, Digitalis, Dekorder, Sloow, etc. and his own label, Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam, Uton finds a new home with DNT. "Echoes in the Wonderland" is the first full-length LP by Finland's Jani Hirvonen since 2009's "Unexplained Objects" (Dekorder) and is no less weird than his previous excursions from the outer regions of the cosmos to the minds' innerspace. As the album title could say, this is a way to the "wonderland" (also called the "other side" - many names been used during the history of humankind), which shouldn't be mixed for the adventure's of famous Alice - even it might give some idea about what is going to happen, but that's just a start of it all - the start of nothing else but listeners mind. What are the "echoes" then? They are something which are coming from beyond to here where we stay - this album being a link between these worlds; inside & outside; like they are working together. Psychedelic transmissions of consciousness. Bizarro alien communication that's difficult to pinpoint, Uton's "sheer ravishing beauty, elegancy and variegation is stashed behind a wall of grey, inscrutable haze – gorgeous melodies and voices, reeds and alien sounds gleaming through the mist from time to time, shimmering like diamonds through layers of dust." (Dekorder's words) Full-color pro-printed jackets designed by Uton himself. Limited to 110 hand-numbered copies.

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