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vakula-cyclicality between procyon & gomeisa 3lp (dekmantel)

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vakula: cyclicality between procyon & gomeisa

The Ukraine based producer, Vakula, presents his triple-LP album, Cyclicality Between Procyon And Gomeisa, on Dekmantel. "This album is about cycles, repetition and interaction", says Vakula. Cyclicality Between Procyon And Gomeisa is a dashing experimental record that evokes the endless and captivating potential of electronic music, creating a mesmerizing journey through various music genres, exhibiting a singular sonic experience, whilst he works through a process of improvisation and refinement. Once again, the mastermind proves to be capable of creating complex, yet diverse musical pieces beyond genres and trends. The result: an audio adaptation of his fascinating mind; "There are two parallel processes that come together in my work: me writing music and working on the sound I want to achieve and the energy from outside that flows and transforms into thoughts, correlations, and actions." The track titles relate to the source of Vakula's inspiration and connect the dots between his obsession for the vastness of the universe and electronic music; ''To wonder about the universe and to dig into mythology and scientific research discovering at least some of its secrets is what keeps me endlessly motivated as a producer.''

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