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valentino kanzyani-psiamsterdam 12 (cadenza)

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valentino kanzyani: psiamsterdam

Valentino Kanzyani has been producing spellbinding electronic dance for well over a decade, but it's perhaps on PsiAmsterdam that the Slovenian DJ and producer has created some of most his hallucinatory and psychedelic work to date. "PsiAmsterdam" is a subtle and sedate piece, with Valentino's reliable beats underpinning an ever-evolving synth ARP. The sound design evokes shades of the early electronic and ambient classics, such as Future Sound Of London, its haunting synths melting over the beat. "8.Agosto" continues this theme with some well thought-out ambience and piano work weaving its way around solid drums, keeping a timeless appeal by not resorting to current trends or gimmicks.

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