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various-001 ep (x-kalay)

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various: 001

Bringing in the milestone number ten for X-Kalay we’ll be kicking off a series of Various Artist EPs. Something that’s been taking shape for a little while now it’s a massive pleasure to see it finally coming to life; big shout to all those involved for being so patient ;) Whilst taking in 3 continents brings a certain geographical diversity, the aim of this record was to create a cohesive release bound by the common themes of electronic music we love at the label. Hopefully we've achieved that. On the A side Zurich based Douala lights it up with a perfectly crafted dubbed out jam; awash with tape delays and spacey reverbs 'The Mysteries of Life' is an excellently understated piece of work. Next up Chilean Mucho Sueno utilisies some big drum workouts and tense atmospherics to turn in a tough 4x4 house track. Baked in the concrete streets of Santiago, the rough percussive interplay and strong bass grooves of 'Yungelita' quickly becoming a signature of this promising South American producer. On the flip it's an all Australian affair with E.Davd contributing a deliciously lazy, boogied out electro number full of iced out pad work and a truly hypnotic groove. One for the lounge and the red lights... Finally, fellow Australian Escape Artist closes things off with a massive stripped back cut aimed squarely at the floor; the jagged electro bass and moody pad work of Archipelago upping the ante perfectly... Big one! Track List: A1. Douala – Mysteries of Life A2. Mucho Sueno – Yungelita B1. E.Davd - Ultimate Relaxtion B2. Escape Artist – Archipelago

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