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various-96-16#1 ep (ploink)

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various: 96-16#1

Celebrating 20 years, Thomas Urv and Miss Mostly’s PLOINK imprint drops the first in a trilogy of techno releases featuring the Norwegian brand’s core artists. “We started out as a techno club concept in rock/art/student venues in April 1996 following years of promoting parties in warehouses, old factories, as well as outside in the woods, mountains and fjord-islands around Bergen,” explains Thomas Urv. “Since then PLOINK has presented a long list of international artists to clubnights around Norway to share the stage with upcoming local talent.” “In spring 2014 we evolved into a label and have released nine EPs to date, all with Norwegian techno producers. Our main goal, apart from having fun, is to push Norwegian techno talent abroad.” The package inaugurates with Oslo’s Prins Thomas editing Tromsø legend Mental Overdrive ‘Hellbent’ for a decadent cut featuring sinister drones and dusky atmospherics. Urhaug, also known under his house alias Tobii, demonstrates tantalising melodies and a chugging bassline in ‘7,3’ before PLOINK veteran Nordenstam takes things into a rhythmic direction in ‘Haustfarger using shuffling percussion, bouncy toms and spectral synths. Christian Tilt, another core PLOINK member, then drops the mesmerising ‘Ord’ boasting industrial stabs, a throbbing low-end and cosmic effects. Tying it all together, fresh Bergen talent Hutmacher concludes the release with a cacophony of grooves, samples and echoes in an arcane number named ‘Dobbeltganger’.

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