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various-belgian wave & pop lp (pop wave)

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Very tidy comp of excellent '80s wave songs from some of the finest underground Belgian artists of that era. Artists include: Subject, Vitor Hublot, Kaa Antilope, BeNe GeSSeRiT and Pas De Deux. Heavy on synth, bass groove, effects and Casio drum machine action. Compiled by Rush Hour and DJ Koenie Van Immerseel of Antwerp's Wally's Groove World.



01. Subject I See You

02. Vitor Hublot Aller Simple

03. Vitor Hublot Histoire De P'Tite Annick

04. Kaa Antilope Island Girl Games


05. Kaa Antilope Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird

06. BeNe GeSSeRiT American Orphan Girl 

07. BeNe GeSSeRiT Kull Wahad

08.Pas De Deux Cardiocleptomanie

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