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various-bodies in pawn 12 (blank code)

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various: bodies in pawn

Bodies in Pawn is a compilation constructed from a foundational sample set created by Detroit producer Len Bartush aka Mutate. Featuring original versions crafted by Mutate himself, as well as by Project 313, Audio Injection and Luis Flores, Bodies in Pawn represents another critically functional techno release sure to find its way into the record crates of DJs from LA to Berlin. The Luis Flores version exemplifies a masterful techno workout driven by thick layers of shakers and hi­hats, paired with energetic glitched percussive hits. By contrast, Mutate's version combines stark minimalism with his signature dub echoes, gradually blossoming over a punchy kick drum as the track evolves. Audio Injection contributes a delirious big room techno composition, made memorable by the subtle and unexpected inclusion of metallic scraping chimes. Finally, Project 313 completes the set with a stomping stripped­down beat surrounded by drifting noise, perfectly matching the hard­and­steady style of their live sets in Detroit.

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