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various-citadel ep (soiree)

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various: citadel

DRIVETRAIN (Detroit, USA) - “Dirty Work (ft. Goddess Stephanie)”: Derrick Thompson’s organically deep tribal rhythm is the bedrock for melodious chords and the cunning decrees spawned by Goddess Stephanie. MOTOMITSU (Paris, FRANCE) - “November”: a dark and haunting symphony, built on an infrastructure rich in keyboards, chorusing under syncopated jabs and hypnotic pulsating motion. JESUS GONSEV (Ciudad Real, SPAIN) - “Countdown”: an intelligent auditory marriage integrating the essence of an ante meridiem atmosphere with fathomless claviature and precision percussive penetration. OSCAR HOLGADO (Seville, SPAIN) - “The Wonderman”: a sonic pilgrimage initiated with harmonic pad structure, advancing through walls of piercing string architecture, closing with a euphoric groove refrain.

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