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various-cocoon compilation p cd (cocoon)

Price: $16.99


various: cocoon compilation p

Cocoon Recordings presents P. Loaded with power and purity, the latest edition of the Cocoon Compilation series offers a great selection of crazy and kicking techno tunes. Mirko Loko is in control for the beginning. His track "Artificiel" is energetic, crazy and minimalistic with destroyed digital sound fragments. Wouter de Moor follows with his "Tesla Coil", a speedy acid tune with a simple structure and crazy hi-hats, sounding almost like an old steam locomotive. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz present their Rhythm Factory project on "N.2guts". Another kickin' acid-tune, full of power with an energy loaded forward boost. Slightly slower than Wouter de Moor but certainly with a similar vibe. Redshape follows the red acid-tip of the previous tracks with "The Choice" adding a bit of a Detroit and Dopplereffekt vibe. Swedish La Fleur contributes her track "Chemicality" which is nothing less than another great techno anthem. "Porridge" by Alex Smoke sees him doing the shuffle and creating massive musical tension by using cool but insane sounds. "The Whip" by Alex Bau is big time Chicago-techno with a strong DJ Sneak/Blu funk feeling. Hypnotic, oppressive and with no frills. Dustin Zahn's "Sun Breaker" is powerful, strong and masculine. The initial hypnotic loop aesthetics progresses fairly quickly in a massive production full of powerful synths and freaked out sounds. "Rising Lines" by Ilario Alicante delivers another strong, deep techno monster and follows the course set by Dustin Zahn: Big string sounds and twisted harmonies makes "Rising Lines" an epic techno cinema highlight. Josh Wink's "Bouyantly Grounded" is a fat fish, pushing the speakers in a powerful manner and turning each festival and each open air into another unforgettable event. "You Fill Me" by Jacob Korn follows Josh Wink and adds a bucket of nice musical emotions. Korn designs an amazing creation full of gentle harmonies and profound melodies - his contribution deserves to be labeled as "techno music". Any sunrise and any after-hour will be better with "You Fill Me". The last track "All This For A Jump" by Atelier Francesco is cool but kickin' with '80s retro sounds meeting a very unique electronic funk feeling - the captivating vocals make the picture complete.

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