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various-collaborations 3 12 (unlock)

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various: collaborations 3

Argentina’s Unlock Recordings present the third and final instalment in their ‘Collaborations’ series featuring Deep Mariano, One + 1 & Camilo Gil, Funk E & Bodeler and Ronan Portela. With the previous ‘Collaborations’ featuring Barem, Jorge Savoretti, Franco Cinelli and Leonel Castillo, Unlock’s established entourage of producers are well known for their distinguishable stripped back approach to house and techno. At the helm of the imprint is Gonzalo Solimano - former ‘Mr. X’ at Red Bull Music Academy and stalwart within Argentina’s thriving scene. Each vinyl release is accompanied by artwork designed by Argentinian graphic talent Gisela Faure. GET SLOW founder Deep Mariano begins the release with ‘From Machines To Jungle’, a percussive roller fuelled by a sultry bassline and hypnotising atmospherics. One + 1 and Camilo Gil then demonstrate intricate drums and looped pads as subtle vocal samples mutter in ‘Bitch Call’ before Funk E & Bodeler introduce glitchy nuances and trippy atmospherics in ‘Playa Den Bolsa’. Tying things together, Buenos Aires’ Ronan Portela incorporates a little more thud whilst soothing synths operate

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