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various-ctrl+alt+del #1: modern wave monologues 1978-1983 cd (particles)

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various: ctrl+alt+del #1

Thatcher, riots, unemployment, Crossroads, Threads, the freezing cold, cold war... you can't always blame it on the weather. CTR+ALT+DEL examines the electronics of circumstance. From the punk explosion that spat on and then spawned the bloated and disastrous and generated the degenerated. A pitiful series of reluctant occurrences in the automatic brutality of an urban paradise. The dirty rotten '80s, oh, how we despaired. A gathering of rare and obscure vinyl adventures culled from the Cold War collective. Also known as cold wave, minimal wave or new wave, these are the monologues of a modern wave. Features a 12-page color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Artists include: Moskow, White Russia, Farm Life, Blaue Reiter, Gerry & The Holograms, Magits, Klingons, The Filmcasts, Four Plugs, To The Finland Station, Bumbites, V-Sor, X, Orior, Eternal Scream, Firmament And The Elements, Bendall's Box, Distributors, Allies, The Freeze, and Bad Actors.

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