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various-cultivation: first edition 2lp (an interval)

Price: $27.99


various: cultivation first edition

Featuring tracks by Arthur Colvin, Blair French, Mazri/Imzra, and Windy & Carl. "Cultivation is the brainchild of Jay Rowe and Ross Westerbur. The idea was to have a day in the outdoors to enjoy fresh air, friends, music, meditation, and good food. The day-long event would happen on or around the autumn equinox and feature live music and special musical artifacts released on that day. Past events have included performances and cassette releases by Warren Defever, and Dave Shettler, along with special mixes for Dub Lab Radio. This is the first in a series of vinyl releases that will combine like-minded artists working in the fields of ambient, electronica, and new age musics. All four groups are from the Detroit area and have long histories within the music scene, both locally and globally. Each side represents one artist and a single piece of musical output clocking in at approximately 20 minutes per side. Music for relaxing/healing created by modern sound sculptors. Beautiful gatefold sleeve with a double LP on black vinyl. Comes with download code. One time pressing of 500 copies."

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