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various-decon/recon/1 12 (noise manifesto)

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various: decon/recon/1

Born out of Paula Temple's Noise Manifesto label, Decon/Recon features artists' samples converging in an open archive reassembled in four different tracks by the artists themselves. A collective authoriality collapses hierarchies into a collective resonance, putting identity into a crisis while delivering quality dance music. Decon/Recon/1 de/composes four future pioneers who respond to the names of Aquarian Jugsa (Jam Rostron aka PlanningToRock), rRoxymore, Oni Ayhun, and Paula Temple herself as Jaguar Woman, all credited on the cover without authorial connections to the titles of their own tracks. Where Deconstructing is Reconstructing, dancing is enacting future live models into present floors.

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