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various-dekmantel 10 years 05 ep (dekmantel)

Price: $17.99


various: dekmantel 10 years 05

On Dekmantel 10 Years 05, German musician Burnt Friedman makes his Dekmantel debut with "Monsun", which finds Friedman crafting flowing, percussive, dub techno that is both esoteric and progressive. Legendary Detroit act Ectomorph, aka BMG & Erika, also making their Dekmantel inauguration, with a record that surmises the group's analog style of Motor City beats. Longtime Dekmantel family members Juju & Jordash offer "Neon Swing", a fast-paced and extremely invigorative cut. Fatima Yamaha, the Dutch artist with a keen ear for gentle, analog hooks maintains an ear for the serene with the sullen, yet beautiful ambient track "Platforms".

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