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various-drum attack (lost dj weapons from the 1990s) 12 (optimo trax)

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various: drum attack (lost dj weapons from the 1990s)

This Illumination track from 1998 is great fun to mix with. It was only when the master arrived that the realization came that for all these years it has been played at the wrong speed! The vinyl version is now pressed so it can be played at either 45 or 33. Mr. Marvin's "I Want You" came out on R&S offshoot Global Cuts in 1993. This is a hypnotic tribal gem with seemingly random, panning vocal interjections. Lastly is Fuel's "Rigid," which came out on the UK label SCR in 1995. The industrial-strength, stroboscopic snare tattoos will have you reaching out for the smoke machine-button every time.

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