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various-forward to the past 2: the acid flashback 2lp+10 (poker flat)

Price: $26.99


After the old-school inspired Forward To The Past that saw Poker Flat revisit some seriously jacking zones, we now focus directly on acid house and the genre's beloved Roland TB-303. That innocent little box created some of the most freaky basslines in dance music history, and we're here to celebrate its unique tone and the legacy of ACID. The wax version comes with two 12"s and a bonus 10'' picture disc -- limited to 303 copies! Producers featured include Motorcitysoul, Vincenzo & Tyson Ballard, Sven Tasnadi & Juno 6, Sasse, Steve Bug, Kink & Neville Watson, Snuff Crew, Tin Man and Glimpse & Will Saul. Germany's Motorcitysoul drop the "soul" and transform themselves into "MotorcityACID" with "Bass En Provence." A mighty 303 bass line tweaks while ungodly synths warble on top of the madness. Sasse is back with a storming, flanging monster On "Cassopolis." 707 drums work the floor while a reminiscent string line leads the 303 tweaks into the night. Leading hallucinators Kink & Neville Watson really freak us out with "Sleepless" -- a dark, dirty and raving track that makes no compromises and sends us sky high with its multiple acid lines and driving drums. Up and coming UK producer Owain K supplies a really haunting acid track complete with some really classy vintage percussion and a squelching lead line. Similarly, Vincenzo & Tyson Ballard feed our analog appetites with more soaring 303 action and a classic stomping new jack groove. Reliable machine-jack outfit Snuff Crew employ their finest weaponry for "I Can't Remember" while respected producer Tin Man comes to the fore with the chugging "Blown." Two of London's finest, Glimpse and Will Saul, join forces to create "Into The Woods" -- a rough and moody ambient-inspired piece that really has its own groove and unique sound design. Sven Tasnadi's "Follow The Roots" adds a unique swing to the groove as he really gets the acid cooking in a hot warehouse jam. Included on the bonus 10'' picture disc, Sven Tasnadi & Juno6's far-out filter acid cut "Generation A" is one of the more intense moments of the album. Building and freaking with true rebellious newschool drama, it's a guaranteed floor-screecher! This is backed with Steve Bug's hot little tribute to Chicago, "This Is Acid."

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