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various-hff vol 1 3lp (psyche tropes)

Price: $48.99


various: hff vol 1

Psyché Tropes is a new label from Steven McInerney, the creator of Hackney Film Festival, dedicated to exploring the synesthetic intersections between sound and its visual counterpart. Since its inception in 2010, Hackney Film Festival has set out to provide a platform for a community of audio-visual artists living and working in the East London borough. Inscribed within the grooves of this vinyl convocation is a cherry-picked clutch of them. Now the triple-LP set Vol. 1 is born and HFF evolves: a crucible of images that begets sounds -- errant motile sounds whose blind wriggle detaches from the AV mother lode in search of a new synthesis. You hold in your hands an oil-based spiral groove etched with vibrations called forth by cinematic prerogatives. Secreted within the folds of the set's sleeve you will find a tangible strip of 16mm film with combined optical soundtrack. This film strip is a suggestive random fragment of the visual component made for this release, whose indexical iconography has been shuffled and dealt to you, like some arcane tarot deck. Includes tracks by Sculpture, Will Ward, Some Truths, Spatial, Scanner, Tom White, Sally Golding, Dave Draper, Merkaba Macabre, Mark Peter Wright, Richard Pike, Audio Dependent, Matthias Kispert, Aboutface, and Synthetics.

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