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various-knights of the sad pattern part 2 2lp (pro-tez)

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various: knights of the sad pattern part 2

Pro-Tez presents The Knights of the Sad Pattern - Part 2, a graceful sequel to the ravingly-reviewed first part, released in a limited 2LP edition of 300 copies, which includes fellow house contemporaries such as John Tejada, Anton Kubikov and Alex Danilov alongside central members Korablove, B-Voice & Anrilov, Polar Lights, Joe Le Bon, Doyeq, among others and also newcomers Tornike & Nini and Harry Light. It's one of the those must-have releases showcasing an individual, beautifully composed sound, combining feathery piano keys, soulful vocals and minimalist sax parts, with deeply padded, classically-informed house music, and a touch of acid elegance and refined subtlety.

Knights Of The Sad Pattern 2 Preview



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