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various-music for shut ins 2cd (l.i.e.s.)

Price: $20.99


various: music for shut-ins

A collection of hits, misses, new loves, and future head-scratchers running the gamut from floor-ready beat tracks (Legowelt) to post chill out room bleep-hop (Daywalker & CF) to industro-wave anti beat experimentation (Svengalisghost) with no restrictions or limitations. As with the American Noise compilation, disc one revisits prime cuts from the nearly 30 releases the label will have released by the end of 2013, while disc two compiles unreleased tracks exclusive to this CD. A document of the immediate energy surrounding these musicians here and now, maybe one can call it club music for people who hate going to the club? Or simply Music for Shut-Ins. Other artists include: Vapauteen, Shadowlust, Marcos Cabral, Greg Beato, Vereker, Samantha Vacation, Florian Kupfer, Terekke, Jahiliyya Fields, Antenes, Xosar, TX Connect, Beautiful Swimmers, Beau Wanzer, Entro & Terri, P.O.I. and Gunnar Haslam.

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