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various-musik for autobahns sampler 12 (rush hour)

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various: musik for autobahns sampler

More tracks selected by the Running Back head honcho, Gerd Janson, for Rush Hour's Music for Autobahns series. This 12" includes tracks previously released on CD only, plus some exclusives: varied and roadworthy electronics that can also be used on cycle lanes and footpaths. Tipsy new wave music done by jazz-funkers or neo disco-ists, Autobahns has an unintentionally strong leaning towards ambient-not-ambient, Kraut pleasers, and codeine house, i.e. industrial ambient and electrifying new age. Artists include: Suzanna Kraft, Marcus Worgull & Motor City Drum Ensemble, Young Marco, Acoustic High-End Research, and Osborne.

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