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various-nightingale variations cd (kooky)

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various: nightingale variations

Ten artists have each provided an interpretation of Phil Cleaver's field recording of nightingale song, which was offered to all of the artists to use however they would. This recording of male nightingales was made at Glapthorn Cow Pastures during the early spring, when the unpaired male nightingale shows off its loud, melodic, and percussive song as it looks to attract a mate and define its territory. The song of the nightingale has been described as one of the most beautiful sounds in nature. Loud, with an impressive range of whistles, trills, and gurgles. Artists include John Foxx, Michael Tanner, Slipstream, Micronormous, Mark Tranmer, Woodcraft Folk, Windy and Carl, Andrew Liles, Laurie Laptop, and Oliver Cherer.

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