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various-polyrhythmic series no 2 12 (svs records)

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various: polyrhythmic series no 2

SVS Records was set up by Beni Brachtel and Daniel Hermann-Collini as an imprint of Brachtel's sister project Selbstversorgersound (SVS). A compilation titled SVS 1 was released in October 2012. This was the first official collection made up of songs from the last three years by various artists whose backgrounds could hardly be more diverse. Next up is a three vinyl series named Polyrhythmic Series 1-3. Volume 2 contains exclusive productions from Gnther Lause (Karlsruhe/ Berlin, Crosstown Rebels, Paradise Now!, Laut und Luise, SVS), Larkin & The Sky (London/Munich, Paradise Now!, Goldsmith, SVS), Bartellow (Munich, Pollyester, Tambien, Columbus, GTA Hoffmann, SVS) and Konrad Wehrmeister. Four techno tracks of the highest caliber ranging from dubbed-out to tripped-out and way beyond.

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