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various-punk 45: there is no such thing as society get a job, get a car, get a bed, get drunk! underground punk in the uk 1977-81 vol 2 2lp (soul jazz)

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various: punk 45 there is no such thing as society

Soul Jazz Records’ new Punk 45 album charts the rise of underground punk and post-punk in the UK from 1977-81. Punk 45: There is No Such Thing As Society. Get A Job, Get A Car, Get A Bed, Get Drunk! Underground Punk in the UK 1977-81 is the second volume in this series, released following on from Soul Jazz Records’ recent massive deluxe 400-page Punk 45s cover art book edited and compiled by Jon Savage (author of the seminal book on punk, England’s Dreaming) and Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records). While the first album in this series, Punk 45: Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself!, focused on underground punk in America, this album charts the rise of punk and post-punk in Britain in the years 1977-81. This new Punk 45 album features a collection of seminal, classic, obscure and rare punk and post-punk singles from the likes of The Art Attacks, The Mekons, TV Personalities, Swell Maps, and many more – charting the rise of independent music and Do It Yourself culture that exploded in Britain in the wake of punk. The album comes complete with text, biographies on each of the bands, exclusive photos and original record artwork.

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