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various-salam alay: the sound of the armenian diaspora 1969-79 lp (worldwild productions)

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various: salam alay

Straddling Europe and Asia, Armenia actually lies at the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures, a geographical position that is reflected in the music. You can hear in it instruments from the Middle-East, like the darbuka, the oud and the kanoun; others from Western music like the clarinet, the bass and electric guitars; as well as Armenian instruments like the duduk, a double-reed wind instrument. This unique selection of pieces will allow you to get the feel of the captivating atmosphere that pervades Armenian music through its hypnotic solos, its frantic rhythms and its incredibly intense vocals. With the exception of the outstanding 'Flying Hye,' this Salam Alay set presents works being reissued for the first time. Music by: The House of the Seven Uncles, Jack Baghsarian & Ensemble, John Vartan, Kef Time Fresno, Onnik Dinkjian, John Berberian and the Middle Eastern Ensemble, and Melkon/Sevan.

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