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various-sap sao seoi la 10 (public possession)

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various: sap sao seoi la

Public Possession's eighth offering is a 10" curated by Stockholm's Samo DJ, who co-owns Born Free Records with Daniel Isling (Sling) and releases his own work on labels such as L.I.E.S. Records and High Feelings. A1 features his "Sha Tin 4am," which he produced in his Hong Kong apartment near a horse racing track, delivering flawless, galloping soundscapes. A2 showcases Over the Hill (Daniel Savio and Sam Nyholm), whose "Acid Rasta" features a slow, heavy bassline, synth stabs, and a dubby groove. The B-side gives space to the danceable trip "Here My Dear," courtesy of the yet unheard-of Taro Tokugawa.

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