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various-street musicians of yogyakarta lp+7 (mississippi)

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"In 1978 Jack Body recorded an amazing amount of street musicians in Java. His ear was geared not just towards traditional folk forms of music but also to all the new hybrids of pop street music. Here we find a mix of his recordings that really cannot be classified easily. Influences on the music include Bollywood soundtracks, American rock & pop, Javanese traditional songs & modern gamelan music. All these recordings were made in the street so you can hear babies crying, car horns & food frying throughout. Raw folk music by & for the people, this is the real deal. There was too much good music to fit on an LP, so we've included a free bonus 7" 33 RPM EP of material. Comes in an old school 'tip on' sleeve. Includes a booklet with liner notes by Jack Brody. A truly unique record filled with beautiful & stirring sounds

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