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various-tempa allstars vol 8 2lp (tempa)

Price: $20.99


various: tempa allstars vol 8

Manchester-based Acre's "Messages" is a chilly, percussive number that melds tempered whacks and thick, heaving bass tones with distant synths. New Zealand newcomer Epoch's brash, menacing stepper "The Ville" is built for peak play. Sydney's Cliques turns in "AUT," an intense, capacious, dubby tool, before London's Fracture follows up his 2015 contribution to FACT's mix series with "Excalibur," an immaculately produced, patient burner rich with razor-sharp percussion. Youngsta & Distance's untitled collaboration harkens back to the heyday of dubstep with its rich, cavernous textures and dramatic, reverberated drum shots before Biome lays out a sparse, sub-heavy groove.

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