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various-the rat pack 12 (cryovac)

Price: $10.99


various: the rat pack

We are artists with an inward perspective that toil endlessly to perfect our technique. We have proven ourselves over time as leaders of a beat less traveled. In this time of followers and cheap hustlers we are the oddities outside mainstream dogma. We are the heroes of cryovac. The rat pack of Cryovac are Keith Kemp, Kero, A. Garcia, and Kimyon Huggins. We are a Detroit based collective that come together from our personal projects to share our broad view of what techno is. Keith provides a driving minimal sickness that builds and fades with dark intent. While Kero relies on a random modular approach that is corralled by 4/4 beating. A. Garcia produces a rocker that is driven by dirty soulful tones and choppy vocals. Kimyon takes us out with a computer rhythm that is mixed down with straight human soul. This vinyl represents a combined effort of artists and craftsmen working together to bring this idea to life.





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