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various-zehn/eins 12 (ostgut ton)

Price: $12.99


various: zehn/eins

Standalone edition of Zehn | Eins, originally included as one of ten 12"s in the 2015 Ostgut Ton | Zehn box released for the Ostgut Ton label's 2015 ten-year anniversary. Norman Nodge's exclusive "Beastmode" features stoic, trippy acid bleeps around a straight 4/4 hi-hat and striking hiss; it's stubborn and reserved yet very break-heavy. Boris's 11-minute exclusive "Lock" opens with ambient drones before the kick and elaborate synth pads come in. "The Launderette" is the first track released by S/D, the duo of Marcel Dettmann and Luke Slater; it's an abstract, pulsing, dubby track with bubbling synths and uneasy piano strokes.

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