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various-zou zou zou lp (kongamato)

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various: zou zou zou

African jewels for the dancefloor! The African soul is here, insinuating its capacity for involvement and emancipation all the African territories. Not only Nigerian or Ghana music "had" it -- These ten tracks of Afro-funk, boogie, and soul are full of hypnotic grooves, like a mantra made for the dancefloor. Every track is worth the dive, All cuts are reissued for the first time ever. Suspend real-world time, paving the way for another way of absorbing dance music. Get ready to hear and penetrate deep into the admirable atmosphere of Zou Zou Zou! Features: Jo Bisso, François Lougah, The Movers, Ngaydo Ba, Joe Mensah, Kapingbdi, Carmen Ezumah, Eliott, Geoffrey Oryema, and Les Black Styl.

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