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vasco alves-volume ii cd (we can elude control)

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vasco alves: volume ii

Portuguese sound artist Vasco Alves presents a collection of new material developed through his work with homemade AM transmitters and transistor radios broadcasting and manipulating reduced sine wave compositions. The project continues Alves's ongoing research into the structural behaviors of electronics and the points of resistance and malleability present within these technologies. Across the recordings Alves works with a characteristically focused production process, using two sine waves with variable frequencies broadcast to two panned transistor radios. The simple signal chain generates a dynamic paired field of textural noise, resulting from the combination of the signal volatility, overdriving, frequency modulation and its consequent harmonics all interacting with the innate analog tendencies of the short wave ether. Together the production method creates untamed sonics and pulsing noise that is uncompromising in its raw articulation of sound as material. Currently based in Lisbon, Alves's interests lie in the investigation of unstable electronics through the use of radio and both customized and malfunctioning devices. His work explores processes that are often volatile in nature with the outcomes being subjected to strict live processing techniques.

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