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vatican shadow-iraqi praetorian guard 12 (blackest ever black)

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vatican shadow: iraqi praetorian guard

2nd edition in paper sleeve with printed insert.  years ago i couldn't wait to be old enough to go to clubs and hear what i thought would be the sounds of a post industrial future. when that time came it was nothing but disappointment. there were no long legged jack boot wearing blondes, gaunt dudes with temple of psychic youth membership, no none of that. instead it was a bunch of suburban college types dancing to europop in capri pants. once in a while a renegade could take over and play something from richard kirk or d.a.f. but rarely! that's right, club culture turned out to be a bunch of insecure poseurs. vatican shadow. i would have been seeking you out back then.

 track listing: cairo sword unsheathed, gunmen with silencer, church of all images (regis version)

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