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vedomir-s/t 2lp (dekmantel)

Price: $23.99


vedomir: s/t

Dekmantel proudly presents the return of Vedomir to their imprint with nothing less than a full-length album this time. The Ukraine-based producer shows he's getting more mature with every release, delivering a comprehensive artist album that crosses over genres easily. Ranging from downtempo, almost jazz-like slowburners to haunting Chicago house with a true analog feel, and from dark electro stuff to beautiful ambient soundscapes: this record is a piece of stunning musical versatility.

track listing: 01. Track 1 02. Music Suprematism 03. Casserole 80th 04. Forks. Knives And Spoons 05. I Don't Aspire Perfection I Accept That I Have 06. Hello 07. Scream Of Kind Morning 08. Dreams 09. Lullably 10. Orud' Evo

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