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venetian snares-fool the detector 12 (timesig)

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venetian snares: fool the detector

Venetian Snares follows up last year’s acclaimed Cubist Reggae with another four-track EP. In the words of the man himself: “One of these tracks is about my two friends. I really love them, they are good people and really great friends.... See if you can guess which song it is! Another, I wrote using only tweeters so it was hard to make out anything other than hi-hats. Still, it sounds much better than most music that has been recorded. See if you can guess which one it is! There is a track that mainly uses analog devices to control digital devices. It seems laughable that most people want to control their analog synths with midi, imposing their ridiculous choice of notes on the music.... I have enabled these devices to communicate in a mutually respectful, consensual embrace. See if you can guess which track is 100% free of blatant narcissism! The final tune is a ramp, an inclined plane, or a crescendo of sorts in music, stretched out over a number of minutes. It’s like a pyramid wall made from every thought you’ve ever thought of becoming immeasurably more discernible, yet built upon a river of everything you’ve tried to forget. The river is grey and all thoughts you’ve ever had are all other colors but mainly maroon and silver. See if you recognize your thoughts in this one!

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