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vermont-ii remixes 12 (kompakt)

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vermont: ii remixes

Vermont's sophomore album II saw Marcus Worgull and Danilo Plessow zooming in on ambience, texture, and sonic cohesiveness. Now, II Remixes puts the beat back into the mix, thanks to Dixon, I:Cube, and Wassermann. "Dschuna" gets remixed by Dixon who proves his strong command of the dancefloor with a hypnotic ride. The instrumental version drops the chants, but retains the enchantment. I:Cube brings a distinctly Parisian touch to the spectral "Skorbut", whose sci-fi-imbued widescreen aura gets reimagined as laser-gun-wielding space funk. Wolfgang Voigt, aka Wassermann, condenses the roaming synths of "Paradigma" into pulsating trance swells.

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