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vértice-decay music n. 1: besoch trauma lp (die schachtel)

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vértice: decay music n. 1-beosch trauma

Almost all great music is bridge -- spanning geography and time, defying easy definition. It is the product of collaboration and mutual respect -- individual voice, fused within a collective force. These are the roots for the trio Vértice, an unlikely formation by experimental luminaries, Maurizio Bianchi, Saverio Evangelista, and Juan Manuel Cidrón -- each hailing from their own discrete musical geography in Italy and Spain. Besoch Trauma, a remarkable project's first recorded outing, years in the making, is released by Milan-based Die Schachtel on their new imprint, Decay Music. Decay Music highlights inspired contemporary experimental efforts in the ambient, ethereal, and emotively abstract. Each member of Vértice comes from a luminous and historic musical pedigree. Maurizio Bianchi is one of Italy's earliest and most important figures in Industrial music, beginning to issue a wild series of visionary releases during the late 1970s. Saverio Evangelista is well known for his decades longs efforts within the seminal outfits, Esplendor Geométrico and M.S.B., while Juan Manuel Cidrón is one of the great cult figures of Spanish electronic music. Together they shed skin, reforming as one, diving into uncharted waters, while remaining unrecognizable within. Slow, sophisticated, and a deeply meditative, minimalist wonder, Besoch Trauma progresses like a melancholic dream -- the slow wilting of sounds, pondering their own rebirth. Repetitive and restrained piano lines rise among drifting synthesizer tones and textural ambiances, fall away and return, fracture, break, stagger, and distort across the entirety of the albums first side, while murky, implacable sounds breed with flirting electronics and piano, sculpting the vast expanse of abstraction which emerges across the entirety of the second -- clattering and droning, filled with air, fading melodies, and rippling tones. Two slow burning sides, unfolding with greater depth at every turn. Bianchi, Evangelista, and Cidrón build a rich tapestry of creatively challenging sound, a hypothetical imagining of historic minimalism and ambient music, bred with industrial and punk. Pro-printed inner sleeve and jacket, containing a silkscreened PVC sleeve. 180 gram marble vinyl; Edition of 250, one-time pressing.

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