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vibracathedral orchestra-s/t 2lp+dvd (vhf)

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vibracathedral orchestra: s/t

VHF presents a public service reissue of this impossibly rare and choice title in the Vibracathedral Orchestra oeuvre, originally issued by the band in 2004 in an edition of 250. Featuring the “classic” lineup (Mick Flower, Neil Campbell, Bridget Hayden, Adam Davenport, Julian Bradley) that made Queen of Guess and Dabbling With Gravity and Who You Are, this self-titled double takes a wild ride through the inner-workings of VCO’s stream of consciousness. Many of the tracks (selected from research and development jams) cut in abruptly, continuing the informal, expansive vibe of the band’s other self-released items. The thick blanket of signature drone-fog is never far away, anchoring tunes that veer from early Velvets-style rock jammers (“Thrift”) to swirling electronic mystery (“Clear”). On side three, “Gist” builds up a looping, guitar-led rhythm like a lost AR & Machines track, sharing the same side with the pulsing “Flötz,” which rides a taut electro-pulse bolstered by group small percussion. This lengthy two-disc album concludes with the almost side-long “Minkey,” featuring the full complement of VCO sound signatures in one big, hallucinatory swirl. Exclusive to this release is a 35-minute DVD of three live performances selected by Flower. A rare chance to see some cinema verité of the group in action, the performances here (shot in the UK in 2005 and 2007) are all on the rocking side, with furious drumming and guitar strangling. Perhaps best of all is Flower and Campbell’s optional audio commentary track (!) on “Wisdom T,” providing some insight on the how and why (and some witticisms, too).

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