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vilains bonshommes-éternité retrouvée 12 (hospital productions)

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vilains bonshommes: éternité retrouvée

The obscure, transfixing poetry and exquisite gothic pall of Vilains Bonshommes; a Rimbaud-inspired duo including members of Canada's Contrepoison and Norwegian BM group, Mare. Éternité Retrouvée (2011) was first released as a cassette on Norway's Fossbrenna Creations. Stripped to the bare essentials of drum machine, analog synth, and vocals rendered in acres of sepulchral space, the three-track EP draws listeners into a flawlessly realized sphere of dark influence where minimalist, desiccated harmonies and bony rhythms are embedded against unfathomably bombed out, maximalist backdrops - what most would define as unmistakably gothic.

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