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villa åbo-sibilant 12 (noise in my head)

Price: $13.99


villa åbo: sibilant

Villa Åbo, mainstay of veteran Swedish analog unit Frak, presents Sibilant, the product of an appreciation for Severed Heads and Terse Tapes, which propelled a 13-year-old Jan Svensson to form Frak in 1987. On "Warming Up Signal" Svensson sounds the nuclear alarm with an unforgiving techno meltdown that leaves no survivors. The flip gives our disintegrated minds some relief with "Drum-Magnet," a paranoid beat track recorded in collaboration with Karlskrona punk rocker Nebula, and the hypnotic "Syndrome Beautiful." Cover art by P.A.M.'s Misha Hollenbach.

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