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vin sol-moonchild ep (hnytrx)

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vin sol: moonchild

There is no artist in the history of our label that we have given a harder time to than Vin Sol. At some point between us rejecting killer track after killer track he must have given up, pushing out his orphan tunes on other labels while we took our sweet time. We finally made our peace, and selected the four tracks that encompass the Moonchild EP you have here... You see, Vin and Hny have history and to make this marriage official we needed it to be just right. Big daddy Vincente might be known around the world for his sure-fire dance-floor bombs, but not as commonly known for his "queer ally" reputation in San Francisco. Using his production prowess and dj knowledge to help bring up the Bay Area gay dance scene has built him a fanbase of all walks of life. We think this might be his most accomplished musical work to date, not just because it is for our label, but because it's a labor of love. The EP reads like a metaphor for the two sides of the city where it was made. Moonchild and Electrical Storms reminisce the mystical and spiritual love affair San Francisco has had since the 60s while Patronize and Bondage Taped reference the sexually adventurous side the city indoctrinates to all its visitors

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