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violetshaped-remixes pt 2 12 (violet poison)

Price: $18.99


violetshaped: remixes pt 2

Violetshaped is a collaboration between the enigmatic Violet Poison and Berlin-based artist Shapednoise. Violetshaped Remixes Part 2 is the second in a remix series divided into several parts. This time round they appoint Keith Fullerton Whitman, JK Flesh, and Grischa Lichtenberger for remixes of their eponymous debut album tracks. The KFW recomposition of "Anesthesia" is worth the entry fee twice over -- masticating the original with his hybrid analog/digital modular system, manifesting a noxious roil of stereo-splintered percussion, banking clouds of gaseous metallic tone and plonging globular bass oozing for 13 minutes. The legendary Justin Broadrick aka JK FLesh has his way with "cX31Ø," first sizing up a widescreen gothic intro before a Reese bass-drop and half-tempo amens roll out from the shadows like "The Dark Soldier's" dungeon-dwelling spawn, while Lichtenberger reduces "Spectral Nightdrive" to a schematic of precise bass pressure and mercurial, Autechre-ian oversteps.

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